Green Landscape specializes in production and sales of ornamental plants. Our plants are delivered to customers in Northern Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. We ensure the highest quality of plants, a wide range of products and affordable prices.

Our experience in designing gardens has shown us, that plants from North-Eastern Poland adapt to harsh climate better than those originating in warmer parts of Europe. That’s why our plants are able to combine beauty with resilience. A high diversity of species allows to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.



Perennial plants

Coniferous plants

Deciduous Plants

Our plant nursery is located in North-Eastern Poland, near Białystok city. The total area of the nursery covers around 20 hectares. The container-grown plants take up around 2 hectares, while trees and shrubs in open-field production cover 1,5 hectares. Our container nursery production is completely automated and it uses the highest quality materials.